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The Tragedy of Henry Laurens

Mr. Neville will tell the cautionary tale of South Carolina's Henry Laurens, an American Revolutionary leader who shared the convictions but not the determination of William Wilberforce. In his effort to end the slave trade, Wilberforce became a shining example of how Christians should engage in the public square. Laurens, sadly, gave up the fight-with tragic results.

Mr. Neville has worked for Congressman Pitts as chief of staff, communications director, district aide, and campaign manager. He previously worked as an aide to Pennsylvania State Representative Raymond Bunt (R, Montgomery County) and as editor of The Zephyr, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

He leads the House Faith and Law reading group and attends Fairfax Community Church. He is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College.

He has written, often on historical topics, for the Philadelphia Inquirer, National Review Online, the New York Times, and the Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society. He is currently writing a history of the 8th Virginia Regiment, which was recruited and led by Peter Muhlenberg during the Revolutionary War.