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What We Do

Faith & Law brings a wide variety of distinguished speakers before Members of Congress and Hill staff to address contemporary political and cultural issues.

We do not pretend to know exactly what God thinks about transportation, housing, or education policy, but we do firmly believe God cares about it. As such, we should be looking to him, in community with other believers, to live out the credo of Abraham Kuyper: “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”

Our Events

Members of Congress and Spouses Breakfast

Each quarter, Members of Congress and their spouses meet for breakfast in the Capitol for an interactive discussion with a top Christian thought leader with the goal of helping them further develop an integrated Christian worldview that will assist them in their calling to pursue justice in the public square.

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Friday Forums

Twice a month, we host one-hour lunches for Hill staffers in either a House or a Senate committee room, featuring a lecture or a panel with leading experts on timely and relevant political and cultural issues.

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Several times a year, we invite congressional staff to screen a thought-provoking film over dinner, followed by a discussion of related public policy issues addressed in that film.

Mentoring Program

We believe it is crucial that relatively new Christian Hill staffers have the opportunity to be shepherded by a thoughtful, experienced staffer who understands both the trials and the joys that can come from living a life of faith on Capitol Hill. Through our mentorship program, we connect junior Hill staff with current and former senior Hill staff for a 12 week program where mentees wrestle with complex questions about politics, policy, and faith.

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Reading Groups

We convene bi-monthly discussion groups for congressional staff to explore and debate the complexities of particular policy issues as related to a series of articles disseminated and read beforehand. We have existing groups for Senior staff, Senate staff, House staff, Hill interns as well as an Off-the-Hill Reading Group. Email Lauren Noyes if you are interested in joining a reading group.

Film Discussions

Several times a year, we gather in the evening to watch and discuss films that relate to timely public policy issues.


Our seminars are candid, small group discussions with current or past Senior Hill staff specifically regarding how to faithfully navigate the halls of Congress. These invitation-only sessions are for Hill staff.

We wrestle with some of the most pertinent and difficult issues of the day.

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F&L provides the Biblical perspective on a myriad of current policies that every Christian should strive to gain knowledge of as a staff on Capitol Hill.
Hill Staffer
F&L has been the catalyst for many friendships on the Hill, something the importance of which is often understated [...] F&L is one of the few places that the dehumanizing grind of networking and coffees gets replaced with something more humane.
Hill Staffer
It’s helped spark ideas that I take back to our legislative team and talk through.
Hill Staffer