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In Partnership with Baylor in Washington

The Politics of Forgiveness

The National Press Club

Forgiveness is a Christian virtue. Is it also a political one? To what extent does forgiveness depend on repentance, and upon justice? Some say democracies cannot survive without practicing forgiveness; others that this is too much to expect. Should we resign ourselves to mere toleration, or can forgiveness be approximated in concrete political ways? These are questions at the forefront of American public life, and how we answer them has meaningful implications for our civic leaders.

RSVP to join Baylor in Washington on Wednesday, February 8th at 7:00pm EST for a panel conversation about these questions. This is an in-person event at the National Press Club, and the conversation will be live-streamed as well.

Register to attend this event in-person HERE. Use code FLGUEST for 50% discount
Register to join the livestream HERE.

This event features Elizabeth Bruenig of The Atlantic, Bishop Claude Alexander of The Park Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and Rev. Fleming Rutledge of The Episcopal Church.

This conversation is hosted by Baylor in Washington, along with the support and partnership of the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation, the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, and Faith and Law.

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