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In Partnership with Prison Fellowship

Fostering Reentry Success: Advancing Second Chances in the 118th Congress

SR-325, Kennedy Caucus Room


Attendance will be limited for this function, so your prompt RSVP is very much appreciated.

More than one in three adults in the U.S. have a criminal record. These individuals face over 44,000 government-imposed barriers to work, housing, education, and civil rights that limit their efforts to become responsible stewards of their families and communities. How can churches, businesses, law enforcement, and policymakers better unlock second chances for Americans who have paid their debt to society? What can our society do to reduce cycles of recidivism, addiction, and unemployment among individuals leaving our nation's prisons and jails?

Please join Prison Fellowship for a conversation with formerly incarcerated individuals, business owners, and center-right leaders about the importance of fostering a culture that promote second chances.


  • Stanley Ball, Vice President and Chief Litigation Counsel at Eaton Corporation
  • Ja’Ron Smith, Partner at Dentons Global Advisors Government Relations
  • Jermaine Wilson, Regional Director at Prison Fellowship and Mayor of Leavenworth, Kansas
  • Kate Trammell, Esq., Vice President of Advocacy at Prison Fellowship

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As I reflected in my morning meditation/prayer topic of gratitude, it brought to mind a feeling of thanks for what Faith & Law has brought to life on the Hill. Through your leadership, you have cultivated a community that unites policymakers in faith. It is because of people like you I feel called to serve and give more.
Senate Staffer
On a personal level, I’ve become a more well-rounded believer. I’ve thought through and considered many new ideas and practical ways to serve in my job and at home because of Faith and Law.
Hill Staffer
Faith and Law has been an invaluable resource for my professional and spiritual growth. Through Faith and Law's lectures and discussions, I have learned how to apply my faith to thorny policy issues and developed key relational ties with fellow believers on the Hill.
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