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Hill Ministries Lunch

Working on Capitol Hill: A Discussion about Racial Reconciliation and the Role of Personal Ministries

Video Conference

What we have experienced during and in the aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd has challenged us to think anew about racial reconciliation. This includes the workplace of Capitol Hill to which we have been called.

While this moment in our history has created pain and suffering, it also has the potential of being a catalyst for healing and reconciliation.

Capitol Hill, like other workplaces, is fertile ground for loving others and aiding reconciliation. This requires intentionality as we reach out to bridge racial divides.

How does the Hill fare in this area and what is our role in personal ministry?

What does ministry on the Hill look like when it’s effective in bringing staff and members together from different races and backgrounds? And what are the personal experiences we’ve witnessed and can share?

These and other questions will explored by our special guest, D.J. Jordan, and among ourselves as well.

These are challenging and difficult issues which require us to collaboratively seek the Lord’s wisdom and guidance.

D.J. Jordan is a Vice President at Pinkston, a public relations company.

Prior to joining Pinkston, D.J. was communications director for U.S. Senator James Lankford and before that in the same capacity for the U.S. House Committee on Small Business. He started his Hill service as press secretary for a U.S. Representative.

He previously worked at both CNN and Fox News, where as an assignment editor and producer he helped develop coverage of breaking and featured news.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications from Liberty University, and a master’s degree in public management from The Johns Hopkins University. He has served on the boards of several state and nonprofit agencies focused on family issues, including the Virginia State Board of Social Services and Virginia’s Kids Belong, which advocates for children in the foster care system.

He brings both his faith and experience on the Hill to help us navigate these challenges.