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The Kingdoms of Men and the Kingdom of God

419 Dirksen Senate Office Building
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What does Christian witness look like in an age of such stark division? How do we wield the influence of the Church in the political space without becoming captive to it?

Dr. Timothy Dalrymple is the President and CEO of Christianity Today, which recently published and responded to a provocative editorial regarding evangelicals and politics. He will offer lessons learned from the experience and thoughts on how Christians can help the country through a divisive election year.

Dr. Timothy Dalrymple was raised in nondenominational evangelical churches in California. A national champion gymnast, he went to Stanford University where he suffered a broken neck his sophomore year. Then followed many years in academia, at Stanford, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, where he made suffering a key theme of his research and teaching in modern western religious thought. Dalrymple helped to launch, an online marketplace of religious ideas, and pioneered many of the techniques that led Patheos to become the world’s largest platform for multi-religious conversation.

In 2013, Dalrymple founded Polymath, a creative agency that serves businesses and nonprofits serving the world. In May 2019 he became President and CEO of Christianity Today, the flagship evangelical media ministry founded in 1956 by Billy Graham.