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In Partnership with One American Movement

The Politicization of Literally Everything: Christian Leadership in the Age of Purity Tests and Cancel Culture

Andrew Hanauer is the President and CEO of the One America Movement, an organization founded by faith leaders to fight toxic polarization. One America supports faith leaders and faith communities to reject toxic forms of division and offer a moral vision that transcends our divisive and disconnected culture. Under Andrew’s leadership, the One America Movement has become one of the largest and fastest growing organizations combating division in American society, growing from four staff to more than twenty in the past two years.

Andrew is a frequent public speaker at houses of worship of all kinds and has spoken at the United Nations, the National Press Club, and to Congress. His work has been published or featured by USA Today, The Washington Post, National Public Radio, Salon, the Christian Citizen, and media outlets across the US.

When he is not fighting toxic polarization, Andrew is spending time with his family, coaching little league, rooting for the Golden State Warriors and Arkansas Razorbacks, and leading a small group at his church.

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The New Fight for Life

Friday Forums

The New Fight for Life Roe, Race, and a Pro-Life Commitment to Justice

Benjamin Watson

Faith and Law was a bright spot in the dark hours on Capitol Hill. 20 years later, the relationships I built then are still vibrant and a source of light!
Former Leadership Chief of Staff
F&L is unique because of the overarching community in DC that undergirds it. The sense of community, family, and partnership is tangible. It’s apparent people are living out their dream, by chronicling a Biblical narrative in the midst of our Nation’s Capital.
Hill Staffer
No one is doing a Christian perspective on policy with briefings. This is the only briefing series like it on the Hill.
Hill Staffer