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In Partnership with The Colson Center

The Intersection of Faith & Government Webinar

On Saturday June 18, we hosted a webinar in partnership with the Colson Center on the intersection of faith and government with former senior government officials. The Honorable Sam Brownback, who served as a U.S. Ambassador, Governor, Senator, and Congressman, will headlined the event, along with former Congressman Randy Hultgren, the Honorable Cherie Harder and the Honorable Bill Wichterman (both of whom served as Special Assistants to the President in the White House), Katherine Haley (former Policy Advisor to a U.S. House Speaker), and D.J. Jordan (current Chief of Staff to the Virginia Attorney General).

Whether you work in local, state, or federal government, or are simply interested in learning more about the intersections of faith and government, this webinar will equip you with insights from key government leaders in partnership with Faith and Law, a Washington-based non-profit equipping policy makers to integrate their faith in Christ with their calling to the public square.