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Reading Groups

Sr. Staff Reading Group: Facing the Fire with Dr. Kelvin Cochran

Strom Thurmond Room, S-238

Faith and Law Senior Staff Reading Group is a Christian worldview reading group for senior Hill staff that is led by Adam Farris, Tim Petty, and Bill Wichterman. We meet in the Capitol monthly over a Chick-fil-A lunch to hear from a Christian public policy expert who has written a thought-provoking piece which we discuss.

This month’s lunch will be Monday, March 11th. We will be discussing Facing the Fire, with guest speaker Dr. Kelvin Cochran of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

This event is by invitation only.

Also Upcoming

Members and Spouses Breakfast
Os Guinness portrait photo

Members of Congress

Members and Spouses Breakfast 2026 and the 250th anniversary of the American revolution: Is this America’s expiration date or a challenge to renew the great experiment in freedom?

Dr. Os Guinness

F&L provides the Biblical perspective on a myriad of current policies that every Christian should strive to gain knowledge of as a staff on Capitol Hill.
Hill Staffer
No one is doing a Christian perspective on policy with briefings. This is the only briefing series like it on the Hill.
Hill Staffer
On a personal level, I’ve become a more well-rounded believer. I’ve thought through and considered many new ideas and practical ways to serve in my job and at home because of Faith and Law.
Hill Staffer