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Senate Reading Group: The Decline and Renewal of the American Church

Dirksen Cafe

We'll meet in Dirksen Cafe by the cash registers to talk about one of the last things New York City pastor Tim Keller wrote before dying earlier this year: The Decline and Renewal of the American Church. Please print and read Chapter 6: Accomplishing the Mission Projects for our discussion (p. 75 - 83), where Keller lays out the eight initiatives he thinks necessary for revitalizing the church.

If you have extra time, the entire series of articles is worthwhile, especially chapters four through six on the renewal of the church.

Food will be provided but please bring your own drink. RSVP to John by September 27th so we can be sure to order enough Chick-Fil-A.

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As I reflected in my morning meditation/prayer topic of gratitude, it brought to mind a feeling of thanks for what Faith & Law has brought to life on the Hill. Through your leadership, you have cultivated a community that unites policymakers in faith. It is because of people like you I feel called to serve and give more.
Senate Staffer
Thanks, finally, for all you all do at Faith & Law. Beyond the thought-provoking content you all provide to staffers and beyond, it’s the hospitality that lends your community power.
Anne Snyder Editor-in-Chief, Comment Magazine
Faith and Law was a bright spot in the dark hours on Capitol Hill. 20 years later, the relationships I built then are still vibrant and a source of light!
Former Leadership Chief of Staff