The New Fight for Life: Roe, Race, and a Pro-Life Commitment to Justice. RSVP

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Members of Congress

Members and Spouses Breakfast: The Cosmic Contest

H-324, the Capitol (the Members and Family Room)

Great civilizational moments in history are always cosmic — not only political and military but moral, spiritual, and theological too. They become total contests between the kingdom of God and the forces of darkness in different times. Today, however, Christian faith in the West is becoming ever more spiritual and private in the face of its growing rejection in public. In the US, too many are divided between an overly ‘privatised’ faith and an overly ‘politicized’ faith, so that the Christain faith in America is increasingly marginalised and irrelevant. Together with the global churches around the world, the American church should be poised to make a historic contribution to the future of humanity.

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The New Fight for Life Roe, Race, and a Pro-Life Commitment to Justice

Benjamin Watson

No one is doing a Christian perspective on policy with briefings. This is the only briefing series like it on the Hill.
Hill Staffer
F&L has been the catalyst for many friendships on the Hill, something the importance of which is often understated [...] F&L is one of the few places that the dehumanizing grind of networking and coffees gets replaced with something more humane.
Hill Staffer
Thanks, finally, for all you all do at Faith & Law. Beyond the thought-provoking content you all provide to staffers and beyond, it’s the hospitality that lends your community power.
Anne Snyder Editor-in-Chief, Comment Magazine