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Marriage and Family

Dr. Pat Fagan is from Dublin, Ireland, where he trained as a psychologist before practicing in Canada for five years as a child, family and marriage therapist. He came American University to pursue doctoral studies in clinical psychology, but on discovering that a federally funded program was undermining the family life of one of his clients he concluded that the bigger madness was on Capitol Hill, and switched fields. He gradually learned to use the social sciences in the public discourse while working at The Free Congress Foundation, then for Senator Dan Coats of Indiana, then as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Family and Community Policy at HHS under President George Herbert Bush, and later at the Heritage Foundation as their first Fellow in Family and Culture Studies. After 13 years there he went to Family Research Council to found The Marriage and Religion Research Institute ( there. Rather than writing books on social science findings (which only a small number would purchase and even smaller number would read), instead launched the online encyclopedia which has generates thousands of hits per month. Pat contends that the social sciences well done cannot but illustrate the way God made man and thus are a great ally to those who uphold natural law while being a powerful threat to those who advocate the violation of natural law. MARRI, with the full support of FRC, has recently moved to The Catholic University of America to expand its work there.