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Intern Reading Group "A Biblical Framework for Public Policy Engagement"

Rayburn House Office Building courtyard

As Christians, we know that our faith is the most important thing about us. But how does that effect our daily lives? Is faith truly the lens through which we see the rest of the world?

In a Faith and Law Friday Forum lecture, Amy Sherman of the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research walked through a Biblical framework for public policy engagement, indeed, our engagement with all worldly things. By seeing the world through the lens of the story of the Bible – creation, fall redemption and consummation, we can begin to understand our ability as Christians to impact the world in light of the hope of a future peace.

In preparation, click here to listen to or watch Dr. Sherman's lecture A Biblical Framework for Public Policy Engagement.

A boxed lunch will be provided, but please bring your own beverage (and a mask for once you are done with your meal).

To ensure that we can conduct group meetings safely, we kindly request that you RSVP by 4:00 on Wednesday the 16th.

Click here to see our Summer 2021 D.C. Intern flyer.

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Thanks, finally, for all you all do at Faith & Law. Beyond the thought-provoking content you all provide to staffers and beyond, it’s the hospitality that lends your community power.
Anne Snyder Editor-in-Chief, Comment Magazine
F&L provides the Biblical perspective on a myriad of current policies that every Christian should strive to gain knowledge of as a staff on Capitol Hill.
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F&L is unique because of the overarching community in DC that undergirds it. The sense of community, family, and partnership is tangible. It’s apparent people are living out their dream, by chronicling a Biblical narrative in the midst of our Nation’s Capital.
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