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Intern Reading Group: The Inner Ring

Longworth 1629

Have you ever found yourself yearning to be part of “them” or “that gang,” an exclusive group whose members are “in” and all “outsiders” are desperate to be included among their ranks? British novelist and academic C.S. Lewis described this as the quest for admission into the “Inner Ring.” Highlighting a passage from Leo Tolstoy’s timeless masterpiece, War and Peace, Lewis argued that endeavoring to become a part of some “inner ring” ultimately leaves one alone and devoid of greater meaning in life. Instead, Lewis urged his reader to strive to become “one of the sound craftsmen” adept at their profession and was recognized as such by fellow “sound craftsmen.”

    Join the Intern Reading Group as they discuss The Inner Ring, a lecture by C.S. Lewis, and how it sheds light on cronyism and the lure of political power.

    Lunch will be provided, but please bring your own beverage. To ensure that we provide enough food, we kindly request that you RSVP.