Religious Freedom in Healthcare: Can we both serve the poor and protect Christian doctors and nurses? RSVP

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House Reading Group: A Conversation on American Democracy

Rayburn Cafeteria

House staffers, join us as we discuss A Conversation on American Democracy with Robert Tracy McKenzie, an article about McKenzie's book "We The Fallen People". This article focuses on political polarization, the Founders’ theology, and how the Christian understanding of human nature should impact our view of democratic thought.

As always, Chick-Fil-A will be provided. Please email to RSVP by Wednesday, October 20 at 12:00pm so we can get an accurate estimate of how much food to order.

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Senate Reading Group

Reading Groups

Senate Reading Group Christianity and social media

Faith and Law has been an immense encouragement for us as staff to set aside dividing party labels and to come together under one common purpose of making Christ’s name known through our work here on the Hill.
Hill Staffer
I would absolutely say that F&L has brought a unique display of community and connection to the Hill, along with an invaluable sense of knowledge and experience to young staffers that wouldn’t otherwise be here if it weren’t for F&L.
Hill Staffer
On a personal level, I’ve become a more well-rounded believer. I’ve thought through and considered many new ideas and practical ways to serve in my job and at home because of Faith and Law.
Hill Staffer