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Reading Groups

House Reading Group: Christian Nationalism

Rayburn House Office Building Cafeteria

Faith and Law House Reading Group will be meeting on Thursday, July 22, from 12:00-1:00 PM Eastern in the Rayburn Cafeteria. Lunch will be provided.

We will be discussing "America Has Tried Three ‘Narratives of Belonging.’ None Worked as Planned", a Christianity Today article by Daniel Hummel. The article is a book review of After Nationalism: Being American in an Age of Division by Samuel Goldman, professor of political science at the George Washington University, and focuses on how to best integrate our Christian and national identities. While the focus of the book is a polarized America, Hummel’s article focuses on the polarized church and asks thought-provoking questions on what it means to be an American Christian.

Please RSVP with Michael Cameron by 12:00pm on July 20 if you plan to attend.