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Hill Ministries Lunch

A Look Ahead

Video Conference

Every two years Capitol Hill undergoes change, and sometimes dramatic change, as we are facing now. Personal ministries play a critical role in this time of transition and uncertainty for both Members and staff.

While many things remain the same as in past years, this change of Congress has a particularly unique feel to it.

How is the Lord calling us into this season? What are the unique needs and concerns of members and staff as they tackle the monumental issues facing the nation?

To help us in that regard, we are pleased to have Congressman John Moolenaar join us as we prepare for the next congressional session.

Congressman Moolenaar represents the 4th District of Michigan and lives in Midland. He was first elected in 2014 and was re-elected to a new term in November. He has developed a reputation for being able to work with all of his colleagues in what is possibly the most ideologically diverse Congress in history.

It’s no small task navigating these relationships. And, fortunately for us, his experiences provide us with insights into our relationships that we come across every day while ministering to folks on the Hill.

In such divided times as this, we will explore Jesus’s example and admonition to love others as ourselves.

We will again be meeting by Zoom. So, please join us on December 17th from 12:00-1:00PM EST by registering for this important call.