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Hill Ministries Lunch

Hill Ministries Lunch: with Chris and Phyllis Halverson

CPI, 300 Independence Ave, SE
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One reason for our lunch gatherings is to learn from others as we minister to those whom the Lord has put in our path on Capitol Hill. We know the importance of this both in practice as well as the examples laid out in the scriptures. This process of mentoring and coaching should exist for a lifetime.

In this spirit we try to bring those from among our group as well as guests to give us insights into sharing the Good News and how to love well in the challenging environment into which we have been called.

Chris and Phyllis Halverson are among those from whom we can better understand this mission God has given us. They have had the opportunity to both observe and participate in ministry on Capitol Hill which has given them a vantage point to view the active work of those engaged in ministering to staff and members.

After graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1974, Chris pastored numerous congregations in Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia, while remaining active in the prayer breakfast movement.

Beginning in 1992 Chris served as Acting Chaplain to the United States Senate, an office he held for three years until 1995. In the years following, Chris organized fellowship groups among State Legislators across the country and facilitated faith-sharing events for Governors.

Currently, Chris and Phyllis live and work in Washington, DC. They continue to come alongside elected officials and public servants to serve as trusted friends and counselors, promoting peace and reconciliation among the powerful and the powerless in the United States and around the world.

Phyllis has served in leadership positions in business, nonprofits, and ministry. She is the co-author of Lead Like Jesus Revisited and its curriculum study guides. She served for almost nineteen years as the inaugural President and CEO of Lead Like Jesus, a global leadership ministry.

Prior to that, Phyllis served for eleven years as President of the National Science Center, Inc., in Augusta GA, a partnership with the United States Army. In this role, she collaborated with top military and government officials.

Firmly believing “there are no unimportant conversations,” her heart’s desire is to lead individuals into a deeper relationship with Jesus and others, so their lives and the lives they influence will be transformed.

She and Chris enjoy spending their time with their children and grandchildren as often as possible.