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Fighting for Life: Why Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia are Not the Answer

When Kimberly Kuo graduated summa cum laude from Stanford University and studied at the London School of Economics, she never imagined that she would be speaking about assisted suicide and euthanasia. She married the love of her life, David Kuo, who became special assistant to George W. Bush and deputy director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. After David was diagnosed with a large brain tumor, the Kuos began a 10-year battle with cancer. As result of this journey, Kim began advocating for life, both speaking and writing against assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Kimberly Kuo has more than 24 years of Communications and Marketing experience in politics, government, corporations and technology start-ups. Ms. Kuo was a top Press Aide for Senate Majority Leader and then presidential candidate Bob Dole, and vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp. She was primary spokesperson for Internet giant AOL, and then expanded this role to oversee Investor Relations and Marketing at technology start-ups. After acting as primary Spokesperson and Communications lead for a Washington, DC trade association, she launched its advocacy initiative. In less than four years, the organization grew to the third largest advocacy group in the country. As Chief Marketing Officer of the world’s largest book and entertainment distributor, Ms. Kuo transformed her Marketing organization into a profit center, introduced extensive e-Marketing programs, and modernized the company’s brand and market position.

Ms. Kuo is passionate about empowering people, developing talent, building effective teams, and strengthening corporate culture.

She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University, with a B.A. in Communications with Honors. After working briefly in Normandy, France, she studied Comparative Government & Economics at the London School of Economics.

She enjoys music, theater, creative writing and public speaking. She is actively involved in Forest Hill Church and Charlotte Christian School, and her greatest joy is adventuring with her two children.