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Cultivating a family-centered culture post-COVID

Video Conference

This seminar is for full-time Hill staffers only.

When Amy Coney Barrett, a mother of 8, was appointed to the nation's highest court she inspired the public with a new model of faith, family life, and professional excellence. Chances are, many households would love to integrate their family life and public vocations in such a way.

How might we build a family-centered culture in which more families could achieve this aspiration? We'll consider the prospects for cultivating a family-centered culture and grapple with some of the truths about family that might inform family-centered culture and policy.

Readings that will be discussed:

Rachel Anderson is a Resident Fellow with the Center for Public Justice, leading the Families Valued project. Her work focuses on work and family policy and faith-based civic engagement.

Previously, Rachel was the Director of Faith Affairs at the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and protecting opportunity by ending predatory lending. She developed CRL’s Faith & Credit program, fostering and supporting faith-based advocacy efforts in over 20 states and forming a diverse coalition of religious institutions representing 92 million Americans.

Before joining the Center for Responsible Lending, Rachel was the founding Executive Director of the Boston Faith & Justice Network, an innovative social justice organization that bridges liberal and conservative theological divides. Rachel has been an organizing trainer for World Vision, International Justice Mission, and Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation and served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. She is a graduate of Harvard Law and Divinity Schools.