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How Faith, Perseverance and Opportunity Shaped an American Dream

Please join us on May 19th, 2021 for this year's Evening Forum featuring Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

In light of the ongoing limitations on the size of in person gatherings in Washington D.C., we will be hosting this online evening event in lieu of our annual dinner.

This is a ticketed event. Please contact or click here for information on attendance and sponsorship opportunities.

Senator Tim Scott is the first Black American elected to the U.S. Senate from a Southern state since Reconstruction and the only black Republican in the U.S. Senate.

Growing up in a poor, single parent household in North Charleston, South Carolina, Scott had to beat many odds to end up as a lawmaker on Capitol Hill. The work ethic, resilience, and faith he learned from his mother and mentor helped Scott to graduate from university, build his own successful small business, and eventually led him to public service. Scott has broken many barriers in his years as a public servant; serving on the Charleston County Council (1995-2009), the South Carolina House of Representatives (2009-2011), the United States House of Representatives (2011-2013), and the United States Senate (2013 - present).

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Charles J. Chaput

On a personal level, I’ve become a more well-rounded believer. I’ve thought through and considered many new ideas and practical ways to serve in my job and at home because of Faith and Law.
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Thanks, finally, for all you all do at Faith & Law. Beyond the thought-provoking content you all provide to staffers and beyond, it’s the hospitality that lends your community power.
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