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Caring for the Orphan: Alternatives to Charity in Responding to God's Heart for the Poor

Donald Larson is the CEO/Founder of Sunshine Nut Company in Mozambique. In 2011, he gave up a successful career in the corporate food industry and moved his family to Mozambique to start Sunshine Nut Co.

The road to Mozambique began in 2007 when Don turned down a major career move and left his corporate life for a spiritual journey to discover God’s true purpose for his life. It was in this season of listening and waiting that God spoke to him with clarity that was almost audible – saying, “Go and build food factories in developing nations to bring lasting economic transformation.” Through prayer and solitude, he developed the Sunshine Approach business model, focusing on transforming lives at every level of the business. Not long after, he was led to Mozambique and its abundance of amazing cashews to start this grand adventure. Faced with a calling he had little desire to fulfill, he chose to be obedient. He and his family sold everything they owned and moved to Mozambique.

This move transformed their lives. In the past six years, they have built a world-class food factory hiring primarily adult orphans. They developed relationships with orphanages and other community organizations throughout Mozambique where they support and develop projects with 90% of their profits. In 2014, their cashews landed on US shelves and today, they have an all-African staff of 30 producing the best tasting cashews under the sun!

As CEO of Sunshine Nut Company, he presses forward relentlessly growing their operations in the US and Mozambique, while sharing their story all over the world. Don's wife, Terri, oversees all our philanthropic work as the Director of Social Impact and spends her days spreading love to the most needy in their community.