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Capitol Hill Working Mom's Lunch


Are a mom working on Capitol Hill and would like to meet other Christian moms to discuss the joys and frustrations of a calling to Capitol Hill while also living out a call to motherhood?

Join us for a simple lunch from 12:00-1:00 PM on June 10, 2024 in H-144.

RSVP to Nicole.

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On a personal level, I’ve become a more well-rounded believer. I’ve thought through and considered many new ideas and practical ways to serve in my job and at home because of Faith and Law.
Hill Staffer
F&L has facilitated my ability to create a network of like minded believers who can serve as a sounding board for ideas and can help move those ideas forward. F&L is not just a place to go hear lectures (and get free food) and learn about an issue; it's also a place to meet people with whom you can work cooperatively toward common goals.
Agency Staffer
Thanks, finally, for all you all do at Faith & Law. Beyond the thought-provoking content you all provide to staffers and beyond, it’s the hospitality that lends your community power.
Anne Snyder Editor-in-Chief, Comment Magazine