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Capitol Hill Working Mom's Lunch: Toni-Marie Higgins


Are a mom working on Capitol Hill and would like to meet other Christian moms to discuss the joys and frustrations of a calling to Capitol Hill while also living out a call to motherhood?

Join us for a simple lunch from 12:00-1:00 PM on March 4, 2024 in H-144. We will be joined by special guest, Toni-Marie Higgins, COS for Sen. Boozman.

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Dr. Os Guinness

Thank you for providing a platform for us to share our faith. I believe in you all so much!
Hill Staffer
F&L has been the catalyst for many friendships on the Hill, something the importance of which is often understated [...] F&L is one of the few places that the dehumanizing grind of networking and coffees gets replaced with something more humane.
Hill Staffer
F&L is unique because of the overarching community in DC that undergirds it. The sense of community, family, and partnership is tangible. It’s apparent people are living out their dream, by chronicling a Biblical narrative in the midst of our Nation’s Capital.
Hill Staffer