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Hill Ministries Lunch

A Roundtable Discussion: Capitol Hill Personal Ministry During and After the Pandemic

No doubt this is a topic we’ve been thinking about during the pandemic and the accompanying mitigation measures and into what’s next. For those who work in and around Capitol Hill have been wondering what it will look like and how it will operate in the coming days and months.

Personal ministry, in particular, is impacted by this new environment. It can be seen as an obstacle or an inflection point into something even greater.

We will hear from two Hill staff members who have a keen and unique perspective on this question.

Lisa Schultz, the Chief of Staff to U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black, and Kerry Knott, Chief of Staff to Representative Robert Aderholt will join us for a virtual panel discussion about serving members and staff in this new environment.

No one has the definitive perspective on how we will operate in this new era, but Lisa and Kerry will help us in a preliminary look at how we will approach our work.