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2022 Faith and Law Annual Leadership Conference

Airlie, Warrenton VA

From the evening of Friday October 14, 2022 to mid-day Sunday October 16, 2022 at Arlie, Warrenton, VA.

Additional details and registration coming soon. Please contact Lauren Noyes if you are interested in receiving additional information.

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Our civilizational moment
Os Guinness portrait photo

Friday Forums

Our civilizational moment The crisis of the West, the war of the worlds, and the faith required for our time

Os Guinness

It’s helped spark ideas that I take back to our legislative team and talk through.
Hill Staffer
F&L has been the catalyst for many friendships on the Hill, something the importance of which is often understated [...] F&L is one of the few places that the dehumanizing grind of networking and coffees gets replaced with something more humane.
Hill Staffer
F&L provides the Biblical perspective on a myriad of current policies that every Christian should strive to gain knowledge of as a staff on Capitol Hill.
Hill Staffer