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2021 Annual Retreat

This fall, Faith and Law is hosting a retreat for senior House and Senate staffers. The retreat will be held from October 29-31 at the charming and historic Airlie Hotel and Conference Center in Warrenton, VA, 50 miles west of Capitol Hill.

Staffers who attended past annual retreats still talk about the lifelong friendships and relationships formed, legislative collaboration that followed, and the impact it had on their spouses' understanding of their unique role in the staffer’s call to Capitol Hill.

This retreat is intended for Hill staff and their families and by invitation only.

This year's retreat theme will be "Navigating the Times" and will feature Christian thought leaders on topics including:

  • Cancel Culture v. Principled Pluralism
  • Approximate Justice
  • Being Anti Racist; Reviewing Critical Race Theory
  • Toward a New Renaissance
  • Saving Capitalism
  • Christian Nationalism v. Christian Patriotism
  • Experiencing Healing and Wholeness

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