Senate Reading Group

The Case Against Christian Political Parties

JUBILEE CENTRE – Michael Shluter
Senate Reading Group, June 3, 2009

“… While Christians should agree about values or principles, they may, and often will, disagree about policies…”

The Case for Christian Democracy

Senate Reading Group, June 3, 2009

” Christian Democracy is a long-established and successful political force across Europe, providing decades of stable government and economic growth in a continent ravaged by the Second World War and the sourge of fascism. But its antecedents go back further, to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and the political witness of figures such as Abraham Kuyper, Prime Minister of the Netherlands and great Reformed theologian…”

Red Faith, Blue Faith

Senate Reading Group, May 20, 2009

” Is ‘Christian America’ dying? And if so, should we mourn or cheer? … The religious right, at least in its cruder expressions, is indeed a phenomenon without a future…”

Political Pullback for the Christian Right?

Senate Reading Group, May 6, 2009

” Is the Christian right finished as a political entity? Or, more to the point, are principled Christians finished with politics? These questinos have been getting fresh air lately as frustrated conservative Christians question the pragmatism — defined as the compromising of principles — of the old guard. One might gently call the current debate a generational rift…”

Obama’s ‘Science’ Fiction

THE WASHINGTON POST – Charles Krauthammer
Senate Reading Group, April 15, 2009

” … I am not religious. I do not believe that personhood is conferred upon conception. But I also do not believe that a human embryo is the moral equivalent of a hangnail and deserves no more respect than an appendix… I suggested the bright line prohibiting the deliberate creation of human embryos solely for the instrumental purpose of research – - a clear violation of the categorical imperative not to make a human life… a means rather than an end… On this, Obama has nothing to say. He leaves it entirely to the scientists. This is more than moral abdication. It is acquiescence to the mystique of ‘science’ and its inherent moral benevolence. How anyone as sophisticated as Obama can believe this within living memory of Mengele and Tuskegee and the fake (and coercive) South Korean stem cell research is hard to fathom…”