Productive Disagreement: How to have productive disagreements in an age of incivility and conflict. RSVP

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Intern Reading Group: Well-formed Convictions & Faithful Disagreements

902 Hart Senate Office Building

We often think civility requires weak or softed-headed convictions–getting along requires that we don’t care that deeply about our convictions. But what if the opposite were true? Join us as we're joined by special guests, Professors Tim Muehlhoff and Rick Langer from Biola University, to take a look at the importance of well-formed convictions and how they serve as the foundation for constructive discourse in the public square.

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Lunch will be provided, but please bring your own beverage.

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Productive Disagreement

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Productive Disagreement How to have productive disagreements in an age of incivility and conflict

Dr. Rick Langer, Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

F&L is a Christian ministry that seeks to present an informed, Christian worldview to matters of public policy.
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I would absolutely say that F&L has brought a unique display of community and connection to the Hill, along with an invaluable sense of knowledge and experience to young staffers that wouldn’t otherwise be here if it weren’t for F&L.
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Faith and Law has been an immense encouragement for us as staff to set aside dividing party labels and to come together under one common purpose of making Christ’s name known through our work here on the Hill.
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