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Hill Ministries Lunch

Hill Ministries Lunch: March 2020


Attendance will be limited for this function, so your prompt RSVP is very much appreciated.

Please join us for a conversation about the needs and challenges facing members and staff on Capitol Hill.

We are grateful to have two veterans of Capitol Hill provide us their insights and thoughts.

Elizabeth Burks and Wally Hsueh have served in a variety of positions in both the House and Senate. They have a unique perspective on the issues, needs and challenges facing members and staff today. While many of these needs are apparent, having a first hand perspective on the realities facing them is helpful in providing support and encouragement. Exploring the challenges they face gives us a better understanding of how to serve and love them.

Wally Hsueh

Wally currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff to Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) and previously as his Legislative Director.

With 25 years of Capitol Hill experience he has served in multiple positions in both the Senate and the House of Representatives including: the Senate Commerce Committee, Senate Small Business Committee as Staff Director, Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR), and the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee.

Elizabeth Burks

Elizabeth currently serves as Managing Director for Steptoe Government Affairs and Public Policy.

She served for six years as Chief of Staff for Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and as Legislative Assistant to Sen. Lincoln during her time in the House.

Elizabeth held the positions of both Chief of Staff and Legislative Director for Rep. Jim Turner (D-TX), and acted as the principal staff point of contact for the Blue Dog Coalition of moderate-to-conservative Democrats.

We hope you can join us for this important gathering to be held at the offices of the Conservative Partnership Institute, 300 Independence Ave, SE. Kindly RSVP by Friday, February 28, 2020.

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Free to Believe The Battle Over Religious Liberty in America

Luke Goodrich

F&L has been the catalyst for many friendships on the Hill, something the importance of which is often understated [...] F&L is one of the few places that the dehumanizing grind of networking and coffees gets replaced with something more humane.
Hill Staffer
Faith and Law was a bright spot in the dark hours on Capitol Hill. 20 years later, the relationships I built then are still vibrant and a source of light!
Former Leadership Chief of Staff
F&L has facilitated my ability to create a network of like minded believers who can serve as a sounding board for ideas and can help move those ideas forward. F&L is not just a place to go hear lectures (and get free food) and learn about an issue; it's also a place to meet people with whom you can work cooperatively toward common goals.
Agency Staffer