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Join the Fall 2020 Class of Faith and Law Mentees

In March 2020, Faith and Law launched a pilot mentoring program to connect junior staff with seasoned staffers and Hill alumni to help them navigate Congress and deepen their understanding of how to integrate their Christian faith with their daily work. When the COVID-19 pandemic closed the Capitol Complex just as we began these mentoring relationships, we immediately pivoted the program online. Despite the virtual nature of the program, we heard from mentees…

“This experience couldn’t have been better.”
“Very life changing!”
“I think I got the first round pick of mentors.”
“Honestly, so great, both personally and professionally.”
“Really good...covered a lot of ground.”
“Great conversations.”
“My mentor was amazing. She shared her own journey, which I really appreciated.”

Are you a full-time Hill staffer who would like to be mentored this fall? Do you know of someone who would benefit from this opportunity?

CLICK HERE to apply today. Applications are due by close of business September 9th.

Program Parameters include:

  • 12-week commitment beginning mid-September.
  • Meet with mentor, most likely online, every other week, for a total of six sessions.
  • Suggested duration of meetings 30-60 minutes.
  • Women will be matched with women and men with men.
  • Mentees should have worked on the Hill a minimum of a year and be seeking to stay on the Hill for at least 2-5 additional years.
  • Share an orthodox Christian faith.

If you have any questions, please contact me at lnoyes@faithandlaw.org or 202-285-5380.