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House and Senate Ethics guidelines

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To comply with Senate and House Ethics rules, you will need pre-authorization from the Senate/House Committee on Ethics. Please follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete Faith and Law’s Primary Trip Sponsor Form Package (submit ALL paperwork in the attached folder)
    1. For Senate staffers
      1. Senate Private Sponsor Travel Certification Form
      2. Conference Agenda
      3. Senate invitees
      4. Conference invitation
      5. Traveler Form for Senate staffers
    2. For House staffers
      1. House Ethics Primary trip Sponsor Form
      2. Conference Agenda
      3. House invitees
      4. Conference Invitation
      5. Traveler form for House staffers
  2. Submit the entire package (5 documents) by September 14, 2022, to your respective Committee on Ethics. These forms must be submitted at least 30 days ahead of the retreat.
    1. For Senate submission for Senate staffers:
      1. A hard copy of the entire package must be delivered to the Committee’s office in 220 Hart.
    2. For House submission for House staffers (choose one):
      1. Fax to (202) 225-7392
      2. Deliver to House Ethics Committee at 1015 Longworth
      3. Email:

Failure to submit your completed materials on time means we will be unable to cover the cost of your attendance.