DJ Jordan and Panel

The Politics of Race: How the Political World Undermines Racial Unity and What We Can Do to Change that Reality

This panel on “The Politics of Race” will be moderated by D.J. Jordan, Director at the Pinkston Group and former Communications Director for Senator James Lankford. This panel is a part of Faith & Law’s ongoing series on race and racial reconciliation.

Panelists include:

Justin Giboney, President, The And Campaign

Brooke Hempell, Vice President, Barna Group

Michael McAfee, Outreach & Engagement, Museum of the Bible

Adwoa Rey, Faith Link Inc.

Dr. Eric Patterson

Politics in a Religious World: The Relationship Between Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy

Eric Patterson, Regent University professor and author of Just American Wars: Ethical Dilemmas in U.S. Military History and Politics in a Religious World, will discuss the relationship between religion and U.S. foreign policy. Patterson will argue that we live in a highly religious world and, even if we were a totally secular society, because religion matters elsewhere, it must matter to U.S. diplomats, aid workers, and all those in this realm.

The Trials and Tribulations of Living an Ethical Life on Capitol Hill

The Trials and Tribulations of Living an Ethical Life on Capitol Hill

Panel of Former Senior Hill Staff

Moderated by Faith & Law Founder John Palafoutas

Faith & Law will host a panel of Capitol Hill veterans to explore ethical issues encountered by Hill staff, especially as they reach senior leadership positions. Panelists will share their stories of success and failure as they navigated the complicated ethical waters of the Hill.

Panelists include:

Kiki Kless Bradley -- 12 year Hill veteran and advisor to former Speaker of the House

Dan Bryant — former Majority Chief Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee and also served on the U.S. Senate Government Affairs Committee, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

Andy Laperriere — senior advisor to former Majority Leader

Pam Pryor — chief of staff to former Conference Chairman